rights of way training and consultancy


We can offer any of the following courses:


  • Introduction to public rights of way
  • Changes to rights of way : introductory
  • Definitive maps and modification orders : introductory


These courses consider their subject-matter in greater detail, and provide for more opportunity for discussion between participants, consideration of what works well (and what does not), and the scope for more effective use of resources.

  • Changes to public rights of way using the Highways Act 1980
  • Rights of way and development
  • Rights of way, crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Definitive maps and modification orders : user evidence
  • Definitive maps and modification orders : documentary evidence
  • Definitive maps and modification orders : procedures, policies and decision-making
  • Definitive maps and modification orders : drafting orders, submission to the Planning Inspectorate and the Inquiry Rules

Please contact us if you're interested in any of these courses, or would like further details of their likely audience and indicative content. Rowtac can also provide bespoke training to meet the needs of local authorities or other organisations. We have provided training for:

  • a London borough council where the parks department had taken on rights of way responsibilities, jointly with other authorities with small rights of way networks
  • a group of metropolitan authorities in mobility issues and safety on rights of way
  • an authority which wanted to train local user group volunteers in researching documentary evidence for rights of way
  • local user group volunteers in collecting and researching rights of way evidence in their area
  • newly-recruited members of a Local Access Forum
  • an authority that wanted to train staff in the issues around consolidation of its definitive map

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Other training events

John Trevelyan has run a Drafting Orders course for IPROW on several occasions.

John was also a speaker at the following past Rights of Way Law Review courses:

  • The Definitive Map: Consolidation and Case Law Update (2010)
  • Barriers and Street Furniture (2008)
  • Public Rights of Way and Planning (2007)
  • Maintenance and Improvement of Public Rights of Way (2006)
  • The Closure of the Definitive Map (2004)